Cake Duel Demo Materials

Cake Duel Demo


7 coins, or any other small object to represent cakes

18 cards from a standard playing card deck

How to Play

Cake duel is a head-to-head card game where two players compete in a duel of 5 rounds.

To start a round, take the deck of 18 cards, shuffle it, and deal each player 4 cards. For the first round, flip a coin to decide who goes first. The first player starts with 3 cakes and the second player starts with 4 cakes. Players take turns playing cards to steal cakes. A player wins when he has all 7 cakes. A player can also win from a challenge or from both players passing in a row. (These terms are explained below)

The player whose turn it is will be the attacker, and the other player is the blocker. The attacker plays a set of one or more attack cards (A, K, Q) of the same number. The blocker then has the option to play block cards. 10s block Ks and Qs , and 5s block As. After the blocker blocks or chooses not to block, the unblocked attackers get to steal cakes. Ks and Qs steal one cake, As steal two cakes. At the end of the turn, both players draw from the deck until they have a hand of 4 cards, with the attacker drawing first.

But wait, it’s not that simple. Players can bluff! All cards are actually played face down, hidden to the other player, and the player claims what he is playing. For example, the attacking player can play a 5 and a K and claim “Two Aces!” as a bluff. Immediately after a claim, the opposing player has a chance to challenge the claim if he thinks it’s a bluff. If he challenges, the round ends immediately, and whoever is right wins the round. If he doesn’t challenge, then the face down cards function as whatever they were claimed to be. Claims must follow the rules of attacking and blocking, but the actual cards played can be anything, and it doesn’t matter what they are unless there is a challenge. Both attacks and blocks are played face down and can be challenged.

At some point, if nobody has won by taking all the cakes or challenging, the deck will run out. When this happens, players continue playing with the remaining cards in their hand. At some point, players will run out of cards in their hand and have to pass. When both players pass one immediately after the other, the round ends and whoever has more cakes wins.

When the round ends, shuffle all the cards back into the deck and proceed to the next round with the loser of the last round going first. Reset the cakes to 3 for the player going first and 4 for the player going second. Whoever wins 3 rounds first wins the duel!