Gameplay FAQ

♥ Attacking and Defending

Can I claim more than one card in an attack or block?

Yes, but they must all be of the same type. For instance, you may claim two, three or four soldiers, but you cannot claim a soldier and an archer.

Can I play two defenders to block one soldier?

No. You may only play blockers up to the amount to block an attack. Additionally, you may not play blockers that do not affect the attack.

Can I challenge anything?

Yes. You may challenge any attack or block claim made by another player.

What happens if I accidentally draw too many cards?

You lose. Of course, if your opponent is nice then the game can be nullified and you can play another game instead. Drawing too many cards means you have a lot more information than you should and can give you an unfair edge.

♥ Sir Wolfy

How do I play Sir Wolfy?

Sir Wolfy isn't allowed in the tournament of cakes, so you must claim him as a different troop and hope your opponent doesn't challenge.

If you successfully play Sir Wolfy, reveal him face up for your opponent to see before you resupply.

What happens if I forget to reveal Sir Wolfy?

If you forget to reveal Sir Wolfy, your win is nullified if you won the bout and you should play another. If your opponent won, they get to still keep their win.

When playing with tournament rules, do not reveal Sir Wolfy when playing him to streamline the game.

♥ Misc

Why does science block magic?


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