How To Play

Thanks for purchasing Cake Duel! We're super excited to share the game with you. Please feel free to read the rules, or watch the below two-minute video on how to play.


Example Round

If you're curious about advanced strategies, or want to watch a 2.5 minute commentated sample round, check out the game below.


Still Got Questions?

Check our FAQ for answers to common questions! Or, ask any rules question in in our discord channel and one of the game designers will try to answer it as quickly as possible!

Or, check the digital copy of our indexed, searchable PDF rulebook.


Have an issue with your game?

Reach out to us on twitter or email if you have any problems with missing cards or pieces.


Love the game?

Please leave us a review or add it to your collection on BGG. Every review helps!


Want to play Competitively?

Looking to spice up the game with high pressure and high stakes? Use the following rules:

  • A tournament game is usually played as a best-of-5 series of duels between two players. If you have many players and a large bracket, reduce the number of duels as needed for time. (i.e all games before semifinals or finals are Bo1 or Bo3)

  • For each duel, prepare the 22-card game deck (20 core cards + 2 random cards from the special deck)

  • It is not mandatory to flip Wolfy (as there is risk of flipping the wrong card)

  • You should ideally have a dedicated dealer / referee for the game so that the identity of the of the hidden special cards is not accidentally revealed while shuffling.